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More on Oregon Waters and People from Summit to Sea

The first day (May 19th, 2012) the team skied from the Summit of Mt. Hood by the Palmer and White River Glaciers to Timberline Lodge. See the great photos.

Paddles on the White and Deshutes Rivers:
June 3, Keeps Mill to Victor Bridge
June 23, Victor Bridge to Tygh Valley
July 28 Tygh Valley Bridge to Deschutes River
August 12 & 13 Buck Hollow to the Columbia River

Paddles on the Columbia River:

August 22, 2012 after several paddles reached the Cascade Locks.
August 26, 2012, Cascade Locks to Tanner Creek
November 23, 2013, The Dalles Dam to Rock Creek, Mosier
November 25, Rock Creek, Mosier to Cascade Locks
November 26, Cascade Locks to Rooster Rock
December 11, Rooster Rock to Chinook Landing.
December 20, 2013, Chinook Landing to Kelly Point Park.
April 10, 2014, Kelly Point Park to Warriors Point.
April 11, 2014, Kalama, WA to Westport, OR.
April 12, 2014, Westport to Knappa.
April 13, 2014, Knappa to Clatsop Spit. The Jigsaw Journey finally comes to an end.

Paddles on the Pacific:
September 3, 2012, Pistol River to Harris Beach
September 4, Crissey Field to Harris Beach
September 5, Pistol River to Gold Beach
September 6, Port Orford to Gold Beach
September 7, Cape Blanco to Bandon
September 8, Bandon to Sunset Beach
September 23, Port Orford to Cape Blanco
October 5, Indian Beach to Nehalem
October 6, Ilwaco to Indian Beach
October 8, Sand Lake to Nehalem Bay
January 18, 2013, Sand Lake to Nestucca
March 7, Nestucca to Siletz Bay
March 16, Newport Bay to Depoe Bay
March 29, Newport to Yachats
March 30, Yachats to Florence
April 20 , Florence to Winchester Bay(Umpqua)
April 21, Winchester to Sunset Beach(Coos Bay)
May 11, 2013, Siletz-Depoe Bay

Groups involved:
Mountain Shop
eNRG Kayaking

Beachwalk Project calendar

Come join the fun: Traveling on weekends from April to September, the team is inviting everyone, including you and your friends, to join them for paddling, cultural events, cleanups and family fun. They want to connect kids and families with their local watersheds and the local groups working to Enjoy, Explore and Protect the lakes, rivers and beaches in their community.
spacer   Oregon Waters and People from Summit to Sea 2012-2014 - Completed April 12, 2014 spacer
On Saturday, May 19th the journey started on the chilly top of Mt. Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon. The Beachwalk team and friends are using skis, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and surfboards to follow water from snowflake to seafoam, as it flows down the Hood River, out to the Columbia to the sea by Astoria. From Astoria our team will turn south to walk and paddle the coast of Oregon to the border of California.

Oregon Waters: Summit to Sea is to celebrate Oregon communities and organizations that have taken positive steps to face environmental challenges in our watersheds. Starting with groups such as Columbia Riverkeeper whose offices are in Hood River, we will be meeting unique individuals and groups along the way to highlight some of the challenges in Oregon and how Oregonians have been innovative in addressing them.

Route Map:
Oregon Waters and People from Summit to Sea

spacer   Gulf Coast, 3 months - 6 years later
  Spring. 2016
spacer   Washington Waters & People
  Summit to Sea, Summer 2015
spacer   Great Lakes, Paddle to the Sea
  Summer 2017
Six years after the Deepwater Horizon Spill the Beachwalk team is paddling and walking the Gulf Coast to explore how communities have recovered and how they have connected in other ways with their local watersheds.

Along the way the team is inviting kids and families to join them for paddling, cultural events, cleanups and family fun. This project is about celebrating the gift of watersheds in our communities and how we can all have fun participating in activities with local groups working to Enjoy, Explore and Protect them.
On Earth Day 2015, Mt. Rainier welcomes the Beachwalk team and friends as they follow water again from snowflake to salt spray. The team will be paddling, walking and celebrating on weekends from April to September and is inviting others to join them for family fun.

Traveling on glaciers, rivers, lakes, bays and ocean; with events planned along the way for the whole family to enjoy. The team hopes to encourage kids and families in local communities to connect with their watersheds and the local groups working to Enjoy, Explore and Protect their watersheds.
In 1941, the children’s book “Paddle to the Sea”, written by HC Holling was published. The book went on to inspire thousands of children and connect them with the story of water and the communities it touches.

Seventy years later, the Beachwalk team is following the route taken in “Paddle to the Sea” from the melting snows above Lake Nipigon, through the Great Lakes and out to the Atlantic Ocean.
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spacer   Guam - Spring 2008 spacer
In March, 2008, the Beachwalk team paddled around the island of Guam. Beachwalk team member, Evelyn Weinman, is a native of Guam and connected the team with local paddling and culture groups for several weeks of events, cleanups and paddling ventures. With the help of many locals and using both kayaks and outrigger canoes the team circumnavigated the island, with rare opportunities to paddle under the shadow of the cliffs on the north coast of the island.
map of Guam
See more details including; timeline, press and sponsors
During the venture the team spoke with three thousand beachgoers, presented to over two thousand students, were featured in several local paper and news programs and ate unknown quantities of mangos, papayas and fish kelaguin.
spacer   Atlantic Coast - Summer 2007 spacer
In February, 2007, a team of novice sea kayakers calling themselves the Beachwalk Project ventured out into the waves off the Florida coast. Covering a distance of 1600 miles, the team worked with local watershed groups, including regional offices of Waterkeeper Alliance to host special paddling, cleanup and celebration events for kids and families.
Atlantic Coast Map
During the venture the team spoke with over five thousand beachgoers, presented to over two thousand school children and was featured in many local/national papers and TV/Radio stations including CCN, the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The team was also closely followed by many web viewers online and many horseshoe crabs and dolphins in the water.

See more details including; timeline and press